We are only a small shop so we can’t have everything all the time. However we do keep a range of Mountain, Road, Cyclocross, Dual Sport, Commuter, Classic and Children’s bikes so there is something for any discipline in store to try. If there is a specific bike you want to see in the flesh and try out then please give us a call and we can arrange getting one in for you if we don’t already. Bikes usually only take a days or two to arrive.

Not Sure what bike or style of bike you want? Then why not come down to the shop and speak to one our cycling experts and they can talk you through your requirements for a bike and give you a some options.

If you are looking to purchase a bike but can only afford to pay monthly, we offer a 0% interest for 12 months finance package to help you get the bike of your dreams, click here to find out more 


Light, focused and responsive. The ultimate and fastest way of getting from A to B on the roads. Ideal for sportives and competitive riding with aggressive geometry to keep you low and fast. These bikes can vary from more comfort based fitness machines all the way up to the exact bikes professional riders use.

Before you buy: If you must have the lightest and strongest, then a carbon-fiber frame is going to appeal to you. If you tend to ride for fun and fitness without aspirations of being the fastest, then an aluminum frame will suit you well. 

Our top picks

Here is a selection of our recommended Road Bike 


Pavement | Tarmac | Riding fast | Covering long distances


Racing bikes | Endurance bikes


Lightweight frame | Drop Handlebar | Narrow wheels | No front or rear suspension

Gravel Bikes

Whether you are touring, commuting or putting in some comfortable road miles these bikes are perfect. Typically featuring a more relaxed geometry and wider tires than conventional drop bar road bikes, it means you are able to turn your road ride into a wider adventure down cycle paths and beyond. Also perfect to load up with luggage and put some serious miles in!

Before you buy: Do you really need a road bike or is a gravel bike more for you? If you aren’t looking to race or go out with a competitive road group then a gravel bike could be the nice, versatile drop handlebar bike for you. Generally offering a slightly sturdier frame and more rugged wheels and components they aren’t quite as light as their road bike counterparts but are able to go out on more adventurous rides down canal paths and cycle paths meaning you aren’t confined to the road! Featuring wider clearance for mudguards, mounting options for racks and wider tyres, these bikes are ready for adventure. 

Our top picks

Here is a selection of our recommended Gravel Bike


Rough roads | Limited off-road riding | Getting muddy


 Cyclocross bikes | Touring Bikes


Mudguards and rack eyelets | Disc brakes | Tyre clearance


We are proud to offer Ebikes from the best bike manufacturers in the world from Trek, Cube and Bergamont. Featuring innovative motors and electronics from both Bosch and Shimano these bikes open up the roads and countrysides to even longer adventures. With up to 100 miles available from the 500wh batteries you can keep going for longer or just make life easier up local hills.

Before you buy: Choose e-bike motors and battery capacity based on how you’ll use the bike: Based on your commute, think about how the mileage you’ll cover, charging availability and the terrain you will cover. With 400wh, 500wh and 625wh battery options available from Bosch there is a battery and a budget option for everyone. There are also different motors offering different levels of torque output at different price points. For off road, stick with the Performance Line CX motors, if it’s for a more level and gentle commute ride, the lower cost, lower torque options like the Active Line motor will be best suited for those after a cheaper option.  

Our top picks

Here is a selection of our recommended EBike 


Mountain bikers | Commuters who want a smoother and more natural ride


 MTB | Commuter bike | Road bike


Motor assisted |  Rechargeable batteries | Comfortable ride

Hybrids/ Commuter bike

These are great everyday, moderate distance bikes. Perfect for family rides or as a nice reliable mode of transport for your commute or ride to the station. Able to be equipped with everything from mudguards to child seats these are great versatile bikes that will do a little bit of everything and offer some of the best value cycling going. Typically cheap to maintain and run they are a good choice as a workhorse.

If it’s a longer journey and you have secure parking have you considered an E-bike for your journey? You can avoid the traffic and the parking issues and get to work without getting hot and bothered on a Bosch equipped bike.

Before you buy: Make sure the bike you are interested in is able to have mud guards and a rack equipped, these keep you clean and dry for when you get to work and allow you to transport your luggage such as your laptop and briefcase. If you are leaving your bike at the station remember to get as much security as possible on your bike, ask about security skewers for your wheels and a decent Sold Secure lock to make sure your bike is locked up safely.

Our top picks

Here is a selection of our recommended Hybride Bikes


General leisure riding | Commuting


Hybrids, Dual Sports and Folding bike


Flat handlebars  | Relaxed riding position 


Great bikes to get you out and about round the countryside and off the main roads. We are lucky to have a maze of local cycling paths and off-road routes that can be explored.

Mountain bikes can be split into two classes of riding: 27.5″ for your more focused off road machine with tighter handling and sharper steering for more aggressive trail riding. 29″ Larger wheel diameter for covering off road miles faster and easier. Less focused than a 27.5″ but a more versatile bike capable of covering road miles with more ease for a good mix of riding. Hard tails or full suspension are available in both wheel sizes depending on the terrain or comfort you desire.

Before you buy: Mountain bikes are great, versatile bikes. You are never going to win a road race on one but they will go ANYWHERE. With 29” wheels available on most models they aren’t as slow on the tarmac as the 26” wheels of old used to be, making then a great bike for getting round town on as well as tearing up the countryside or local trail centre.

As you go up in spec you get stronger, lighter components. Look out for nice simple 1X gear systems and air sprung forks on higher end bikes for good quality shifts and adjustable pressure for rider weight to get a better, tuned ride.

Our top picks

Here is a selection of our recommended Moutain Bike 


Rugged trails | Gravel roads | Rough Terrain


Trail Bikes | Cross-country Bikes |  XC bikes | DH bikes


Suspension | Versatile 

kids bike

When it comes to kids bikes, the lighter the better. We are lucky to have bike brands such as Frog bikes and Treks Wahoos, these fantastic for smaller, younger riders. They offer many of the same features as our adult bikes with size correct components such a narrower bottom bracket sizes along with shorter cranks and handlebars to ensure a correct fit for children. This creates a nice, lightweight bike that allows children to be confident and efficient with their riding.

Before you buy: Weight makes all the difference for young rides, all the children’s bikes we do focus on high quality and lightweight which helps immensely. It’s also key to make sure you are getting the right sized bike. We have a wide range of sizes in store from first time rollers on balance bikes for 2 years olds all the way upto 26” wheeled bikes for young teens.

Our top picks

Here is a selection of our recommended Kids Bike 


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